Monday, February 24, 2014

Fort Lauderdale Gardening Club's Secret Garden Tour

Ok so I have to put it on the line here...first of all I want to note that this originally started out as a very long snarky sarcastic yet critically negative post of my Saturday and the bijiggity people I met along the way.  Though half way through, realized I was only mirroring the negative people I met on the garden tour today.  I mean really...aren't gardening people supposed to be nice and welcoming?  Aren't we supposed to be a happy bunch?  Deciding being the nice person I am is the way to post, I needed to just let it go plus no one needs any additional negativity in their lives.   So I revised the previous post to this condensed version of my experience, though somewhat still snarky, a tiny bit critical and nonetheless disappointed I have to be honest with how I feel.  Ok here goes, in my opinion the "Fort Lauderdale Gardening Club's annual Secret Garden Tour" Saturday was a total a waste of tiny third of an acre property has more to offer than the multi-million dollar landscapes I saw Saturday.   There I said it and boy I feel better.

This was my first time attending this event and I was really looking forward to it for a year now.   I have been on garden tours in Atlanta (those are some real gardens!) and Miami Beach so I was super excited to see what Ft. Lauderdale has to offer.  Were my expectations high?  Sure, wouldn't yours be too?  All I got was a glossy pamphlet, disappointed and old lady attitudes.  This "garden tour"...pshhhaw...tsk, all for nothing I say, what a bust!  I wish I could show you pictures of these landscapes (I wouldn't even begin to call them gardens) just so you could see what I saw but alas they did not allow photographs (by the way no where on their website or info does it say no photographs).  Well at least I got to practice my drawing skills on the envelope my ticket came in, lol.  I had a better time just driving through the neighborhoods taking pictures of other peoples extremely nice landscapes and well design I will call this The Un-Garden Tour Extravaganza of 2014.   LMAO!
I will now proceed to show you some landscapes not on this tour.
Thank you to those who un-participated, lol.
My sketch of a few design ideas
My sketch of a few design ideas

Here's the thing...I don't mind that parking at every house was a pain in the arse (it is a garden tour plus I can only imagine what the neighbors thought in these exclusively private communities) or
that people came to a complete stop along a pathway to stare at something or chatter away (we all like to admire things) or
that most of the houses were grandiose compared to their greenscape (some things are just more important to others) or
that no pictures were allowed inside the homes (it is a garden tour right?) or
that I was the youngest person there (no problem, I respect my elders until today...I really dislike the pretentiously disgruntled) BUT....

What I did mind was that you couldn't take pictures of the landscapes at all, as I heard a volunteer say "to respect their privacy" (their house is on a garden tour right?) and
that three of the five properties were all patio, driveway and zero lot lines (where's the garden?) and
only one house actually had a real plant collection (thank you Botanical Concepts) and
the volunteers were selective about who they spoke to or whether they chose to greet you at all (whatever) and
that drivers as well as pedestrians had no idea the rules of the road (need to go back to driving school ) but
what really set my awful day off, was at the very end of my frustrating "you can't take pictures" day, a miserable barnacle of an old lady volunteer was extremely rude to me for no reason of which I will not get into because it was old lady stupid nonsense.

Am I disappointed?  You better believe it!  Can I get over it?  Yeah.  Would I ever go again?  Not on your life!  Is it time to start a new movement in garden clubs and gardening tours?  You bet your sweet ass!


  1. Wow, I'd be disappointed too. It's no wonder they said no pictures, there wasn't anything photo worthy. It sounds like this tour was all about prestige (showiness).

    I've not gone on any garden tours, they are usually too pricey for FlowerLady. :-) I see lovely garden tours online every day in blogs for free.

    I do love going to the Mounts Botanical Gardens and the entry fee is reasonable, $5.

    Happy Gardening and touring your own lovely paradise.


    1. Oh my goodness you are too funny Lorraine, thank you for your sentiments! Your nature filled cottage garden would be great to have on a garden tour with all its whimsy, charm, nooks of garden surprises and wonder. Yes, they are quite expensive but my boyfriend knew I really wanted to go so it was a birthday gift :)

      I do like to visit Mounts! Now that is a great hidden gem filled with incredible plants for a very amazing price..great bang for your buck. Not like Fairchild which is $25 just to get in!!! Incredible I say! Mounts may be smaller by acreage but in my opinion is a better designed, more intimate and much more enjoyable garden. I enjoy Mounts way more than Fairchild. Wish we had a botanical garden here in east Broward. Hhhhmmm... ;)

      Happy Gardening FlowerLady! Wishing you a wonderful week!

      Best wishes,

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