Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Latest & Greatest & Some New News!!!

Hope you all are doing well my friends!
It's been awhile since y'all have been by to visit the garden.
Boy do I have lots to show you & something important to tell you!

After much debate of whether to stay or start something new, I decided that after 13 years here at this wonderful little home, I decided to put it on the market.  If it sells then I will be very happy to know someone else can enjoy it too!   Now, I have to decide which plants come with me, lol.

I'm not sure how many more times I may get to blog about my little plot of paradise so let's have some fun while we can.   Since the thundershowers are coming and going on a daily basis and
it remains uber hot and humid outside...
it's a great time to take a virtual walk through the garden!

This is a view from the south walkway that links
the front & back yards.  You can see our new dog
Django under the huge Jamaican caper tree!


Yes, the picture on the right is the same orchid flower!  The top picture is a week
after the blooms opened up & the bottom picture is what it looks like a week after the top picture.

Swallowtail butterfly chrysalis on our rue plant

My new favorite is this cutie beauty
michelia figo (aka. banana shrub).  You can smell this
from a distance as the super sweet juicy smell wafts
into your nostrils & your brain says "OMG what
is that delicious smell!?!"  To me it smells like
a banana now-and-later ;)

A fun artistic expression I made from an orchid picture.

My fiddlewood & American beautyberry
all full of berries the birds love to eat.

A view of part of our backyard pathway.

My longest lobster claw helicona ever!Très cool!

Beehive or Thai shampoo ginger

This is the back patio corner.
Thank you so much for coming by & walking through the garden with me!
Keep cool, stay hydrated, wear sunblock and enjoy some summer fun!
Happy Gardening & Best Wishes,


  1. WOW, I love your garden paradise. You have so much beauty surrounding you there. Enjoy the hunt of a new home and transplanting things from this garden to your new one. These photos have inspired me.

    We definitely have to keep hydrated here in s.e. FL. It is AWFUL! I'm so ready for cooler weather.

    Happy Moving and Gardening ~ FlowerLady

    1. Hi Rainey, as always you are too kind ...thank you for such sweet sentiments! Yes, it will be hard to leave but I am also excited as well. I already have my list of plants & orchids I want to come with me but will of course be leaving almost all of it for the new owners to enjoy. We will most likely be renting for a few years so I will be able to beautify places along the way ;)

      I'm right there with you...keep hydrated & try not to overheat until the cooler weather comes in!

      Happy Gardening & Best Wishes,

  2. Have just found your blog and love it. I hope that you are going to continue the blog even if you move. aloha

    1. Hello Stellamarina, thanks so much for finding me & you are too kind! Hopefully you had some time to peruse the garden! I will most definitely continue blogging, I just love it! Though it's been tough lately to get any kind of time in to sit down and get something posted. Not to worry, I have quite a few coming up very soon, so hope you stick around! I stopped by your blog, love it and am now following you in Hawaii! Soooo cool you live there...lucky!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

      Happy Gardening and Best Wishes Stellamarina,