Saturday, September 9, 2017

What's 'growing on' in the garden lately...

Hi Ya'll!  I know I haven't been around in awhile aaaannd you probably think I stink but since we last spoke, but work has been really busy until recently.   Oh did I mention we have a category 5 hurricane Irma coming up from the Caribbean right now!?! Eek ok back to talking to you all.
The vegetable/herb garden has been mostly stagnant anyway due to our typical summer heat.   It was a struggle to get anything to grow, so why struggle.  Since then we've slowed down a click, which was much needed...recoup & catch a breath.  *sigh*
In between our busy and slow times, I was collecting all kinds of cool pics and ideas to share.
See I thought of you! 😉
I left the vegetable/herb garden to tend to itself this summer, well I guess I figured it could.   And boy was I wrong, a child you have to allow them some freedom to roam but totally reign them in when they get close to outta this here squash, which produced a whole lotta nothin' except blossom end rot that I couldn't get rid of.  But I let it grow like crazy, which in turn drove my boyfriend crazy who said it looks like a weed. *sniff, sniff*
Don't listen to him squash, you're beautiful! 
Unfortunately all the tomato plants partied till they wilted into sad hungover looking college kids.   Which I never did in my college days...wait, what? You have pics?
Seriously though you don't right?
Ok so what were we talking about, oh yeah, tomatoes...that was all I wanted this summer.
Is that too much for a girl to ask for...sweet delicious sun-kissed tomatoes!?! *sniff, sniff*
Especially since my basil is looking so handsome this year!
Thank you basil, my favorite child...sssshhhh!  Ok minty mint your're the best too!
Is it weird I find myself talking about my plants with some sort of human pronoun or adjective?
No?   Whew, I was getting worried, for only like a tiny second.
But seriously, that basil right!?!
The peppers were no disappointment, from green jalapenos, purple jalapenos, scotch bonnets and a tiny Thai pepper called "i have no idea" but hot as heck for like a moment then you want another.
"Yes, master may I have another!?!"  Movie, anyone, anyone...Animal House!  Classic!

Mango season was less than stellar for us this started late, had small yields and well, I wasn't really enthused with mangoes this year.  And you know me, mango crazy here!

Let's talk mangoes for just a sec even though mango season is over...there is a reason why we folks here in South Florida call mango season "mango madness"...yes it totally induces the madness in many forms good and bad.  Bad=I read about this couple in West Palm where the wife stabbed her husband because he kept leaving mango peels in the house.  Yah totally true, it happened.  Uhm madness!  
Luckily he lived to eat mango another day.
Good=All through out summer we have tropical fruit fairs, mango festivals, mango mania fairs, King Mango parades, mango farm tours, mango tastings, mango farmers markets, mango horticulture, neighbors sharing their crops and mango stealing....yes they are so delicious that people will 
literally steal them from other people's trees=Bad. 
If you have not tasted a fresh-off-the-tree mango then you might not know how good they are.  Just cause you tasted one doesn't mean you've tasted them all.  Each variety has vastly different flavors, texture, shape and color than the other.  There is even a mango called 'coconut cream' and yes it tastes like coconutty.  
So don't give up on them in case ya' did.

Oh minty mojito mint, how I love thee...
The only reason it survived was the constant dripping of my leaky hose, um your welcome.

My orchids have been my babies this summer...yeah they got alot of love from me...
What would a piece of woody wood do if it had nothing to do?
I wood end up finding it, covering it with lots of orchids thus it wood get a second life. LOL
Wait till you see what they look like now!  Ugh, I need better pictures.

Our yard was soooooo lack luster...I kinda gave up on it, oops.  Bad landscaper I am, lol.
With that said the natives did AH-mazing!  Like our Jamaican capers that went cuckoo twice already this year.  The three B's love me's=Birds, Bees, Butterflies
 There's no stopping these red porter weeds from weeding out!

Another surprise that, I left to fend for itself...ok so in reality I gave up on it but shhhh no one needs to know right?   My white delicious alpine strawberry (I said it really sloooowwww in my head).
My white alpine strawberries were a super duper stunner!   Who knew...not me.
Think strawberry candy, no, think strawberry cotton candy mixed with a gummy bear...yeahhhh.
Ok so I leave you with that lovely thought for now.
Hurricane Irma is knocking on the door so I must bid you adieu!

My Floridians, please stay safe, keep calm and stay alert out there my friends,
help each other out in time of need.  
Best wishes,
Sheri B.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Growing orchids south Florida style

South Florida is home to so many amazing people as well as so many gorgeous plant species that call this place home.    One type of plant that grows well in our subtropical climate are orchids, oh the lovely orchid!  And one amazing person who does this extremely well is Ms. Gayle at Mickey's Orchids in the heart of Fort Lauderdale.    Normally one would have to drive almost an hour to some of the agricultural areas like Homestead, Davie, Loxahatchee or Delray Beach, but we are so lucky to have this gem right here.   Gayle is one heck of a master grower and her passion really shows in the quality and diversity of her orchids.  She and her son are by far some of the nicest people I know!   Not many people will take the time to answer questions and talk about their craft like they do.  Sooooo without further adieu, let me show you Mickey's Orchids so you can get your shopping list together and head over there.

Aaaaand your welcome!   
Oh my goodness I need to go for a visit now...Mickey's Orchids here I come!
Happy gardening and enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sustainable Gardening Practices for South Florida

Salutations everyone!  Today is about sustainable gardening practices.  It's all pretty simple stuff but important none the less. 

First let's start with garden design...a best laid plan is the key to a successful garden.   So ask yourself a few questions.   What will I be growing?   What are the growing requirements for the plants?  Where are my full sun area & my shade areas?   From here you can determine how to best utilize your space as well as start some good gardening practices like water conservation, properly grading your landscape terrain & soil preparation.  Once you have a good design & know the basics you can start implementing it.  Remember, you can always tweak the layout later if a specific plant(s) isn't thriving.
Water Garden Landscape (HWBDO11010) | House Plan from

Composting-  Please don't be discouraged, it's super easy.   Composting is essentially a way to recycle plant material & certain food waste to enrich the soil & fertilize your plants.  There are two methods: direct composting & bin composting.   Direct composting is putting the food/plant waste directly into the soil of your plant bed.  No turning or mixing necessary.  Just make sure your dog doesn't sneak into it like mine does; bad gross!   Bin composting is putting the food/plant waste either into an open pile or an enclosed bin.   This method needs consistent turning to aerate the soil helping the green material break down.   My preferred method is to use the open pile (or in my case a very large open container) as well as directly into the plant beds.   Composting is very beneficial to growing healthy plants, reduces the need of chemical fertilizers, reduces the impact on local landfills & encourages beneficial bacteria & fungi to help breakdown the organic matter which produces a rich nutrient soil.   Many of your local grocery stores will put aside produce they would normally throw out, just ask.   Your plants will thank you with a bountiful harvest of delicious food!

Soil Preparation-  A very important yet very often overlooked practice...yes, I myself have been soil shamed on occasion, hee hee.   Soil science 101 ya'll, the plants gets their nutrition from the soil so if the soil is void of essential elements the plant will struggle and/or your plant won't produce good fruits or vegetables.   For a vegetable garden it's a good idea to amend the soil with rich organic matter 4-6 months in advance.  Which is how long it takes for organic material to break down into a usable form.  Continue adding organic material every 2 months for consistent food source for your plants.   On the other hand, for a quick fix, synthetic fertilizers break down very quickly so plants can utilize it right away.  But that would take the fun outta composting!

Watering-   Drought!  Yes, I said it...the D word!  This is why it's super duper imperative to practice water conservation, even on a small scale.  Every drop you save can be used to water your plants.  Ok, there's my PSA outta the way.   Try using a rain barrel with a soaker hose attached to it which goes directly into your garden bed.   Create a natural dry creek bed with landscape rock to redirect water run off right into your plant beds and/or grass.   Install rain chains at the corners of your house to help disperse water falling.  Planting native species will require less water.   Grouping plants with the same water requirements will help streamline your irrigation efforts.   I put large buckets in the landscape to catch the water streaming off the roof when it rains...the plants hide the buckets & I use the collected water, plus the birds like to stop by for a drink.   Check with your local extension offices, city and/or county as they will usually have information for you to read and/or host educational events & seminars; great way to get kids involved.  

Seed Saving-   What a great way to save money, start a collection & a way to share/trade with others.   Plus it helps keep the survival of many heirloom species alive.   This is also another fun project to start the kids with, plus it'll keep them off the computer for a while.   Check to see if your community has a local seed saving club and/or a garden club you can share with.  Who knows you may start a neighborhood trend!

Go Native-   Yes, yes, yes!  Native's are the way to go!  Not only will native plants help with your water bill since they are naturalized to the area but you will find they attract wildlife too.  Birds, butterflies, bees and many others will make your landscape their home by simply providing the food and shelter they require.   Check with your city to see if they have "Free Tree Give-away" days.  They usually have some great native plant selections to choose from & it's free!

Beneficial Bugs-   Did you know that most insects are beneficial in some way or another?   "Bad bugs" usually serve as food for other bugs and animals.  I never met a lizard that didn't like a good cockroach or beetle meal.  By adding beneficial insects like ladybugs, praying mantis, beneficial nematodes, lacewings and butterflies, you can be sure that your plants will be some what pest free.   Planting native species to your area will help keep the beneficial insects around instead of flying off to your neighbor's.   You can purchase these either online or if you're lucky like us here in Pompano Beach, a local store will have some in stock.   The Garden Gate at the Sears on Federal Highway and Copans Road sells many of these lovely critters.

Mulching-   A great way to retain moisture in your soil, it moderates soil temperatures, it helps keep weeds to a minimum, it will add to the nutrient content when it starts to break down, makes the landscape look nice as well as keeping your soil from being swept away from the wind & rain.   Mulch can be in many forms from reusing tree leaves, wood chips, sawdust, pine straw, pine bark, hay, grass clippings, decorative rock, crushed shell and many other decorative items like crushed recycled glass. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint-   "There is always a way" of my favorite mantras, well because it's true, so sayeth me.   With that said, think about ways you can constantly be reducing your carbon footprint.   Hand pull weeds instead of using a gas powered weed wacker, plus it get's your heart rate going.  Try a manual push mower & watch your legs get super toned for summer beach days.   Instead of a hedger, used clippers & those biceps will emerge from their winter slumber.  Have a designated gardening day on the weekend to get the whole family involved.

Name tags-   What's in a name?  Uh identity?  Yes, you won the prize...just kidding, knowing you got the correct answer is your prize.  Anywhooo, the identity of a plant is just as important as the other gardening practices, especially when you have hundreds of orchids in your collection.  A vegetable garden is very specific to what types of varieties are growing in it at one given time.   It also helps determine what types of companion plants to use.  In a community garden, your neighbor would love to share their 'Indian glass gem' corn with you for your "I'm not sure but they're really delicious" seeds.  Uh, no thanks.  It will also help you stay organized in your seed saving efforts.

Pruning-  And this is where we will end it for today, with pruning.   My grandparents & parents taught us very early how to properly prune plants.  Looking back on it, I think that was a sneaky way to get us helping in the garden.  Where's the child labor laws when I needed to get outta Saturday chores, *sigh*.   Properly pruning a plant or tree promotes good health, longevity & vitality of the plant.   It can also promote good growing patterns for the plant.  Like a child you just have to guide it in the right direction.   Ok ok, I secretly had fun with Saturday chores, thanks Mom and Dad! 

Thanks for sticking around!   Hopefully you had fun & maybe walked away with a bit of info you can use!  
Happy Gardening and Best Wishes,

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What's the 'hap's here in South Florida

Hi Friends!  
Fall never came and winter is upon us here in South Florida but it sure feels summer.   Yesterday was one of the hottest days in December.   The sun is shifting south lending to the shorter days and cooler evenings.   The winds tend to get blustery as they pick up out of the north/northeast.  It's quite common to have 2-3 days of high winds around here.  

This is also one of our dry times, aside from the occasional scattered shower, the rains pretty much stop.  This time of year the sun is still quite strong so it's a good idea to still keep a handy stash of good sunblocks (we use one with zinc in it), wide-brimmed hats, uv sunglasses, long sleeve sports style shirts and don't forget some great gardening gloves.   Also some great gift idea's for the outdoor person in your life!
Fall and winter is one of the best times to get work done in your
 landscape and vegetable/herb garden here in South Florida.  More than ever, there are so many amazing vegetables and herbs widely available to everyone not just the agriculture industry.   Local nurseries are stocking up now, so while you're out shopping this weekend, stop in to see what they have.
Also you can call us, Creative Spaces, to set up a free landscape consultation for your project! 

Lucky for us, this is the time of year when our notorious humidity is at it's all time low.  Though we are also very dry which can stress a plant out and lower it's immune to all kinds of fungus, mildew and pests.   It's a good idea to do a walkthrough of your garden to check for any issues.   Remember to apply an herbicide, fungicide and/or pesticide (preferably an organic method) only when there is a sign of a problem and/or when pests are visible.   Please read the manufacturer's safety data sheets and application directions thoroughly; safety data is the law.   These chemicals are not forgiving and are designed for specific applications on specific plants/insects.  If you are unsure, it's best to seek professional help of a reputable local pest control company and/or your county's local extension office with questions.
Speaking of the dry season, now is a great time to also check your irrigation system for any breaks, clogged heads and correct spray patterns.  Turf requires almost three times more water per year compared to plants and much more maintenance.  So you may want to consider turning a problem area into a new plant bed to minimize your turf, conserve water & reduce your water bill. Don't forget to check your timer for the correct settings and water schedule.Fall is a great time to mulch all of your garden's plant beds to keep as much moisture in the soil as possible.  Plus it'll look great for the holiday season! 

Continue planting your late season vegetable crops like beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, collards, corn, cucumber, eggplant, endive, lettuces, kohlrabi, peas, pole beans, mustards, onions, peppers, potatoes, radish, spinach, strawberries and tomatoes.   Remember to plant your companion herbs as well…everyone loves a good companion!
Now is a perfect time to plant tropical fruit and citrus trees.  Many tropical fruit trees can bear mulitple harvests a year while lots of citrus varieties come to fruit in the fall and winter months.  Plus it's a great gift idea for loved ones!Visit our company website for landscape ideas, plants and orchids species that grow well

Happy Gardening, Happy Holidays & Many Best Wishes,
Sheri B.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weekend Awesomenesss!!! v.12

Weekend Awesomenesss!!! v.12

Incredibly beautiful Ukrainian flower crowns!

Recipes to get ready for jerky season...wait, is there a season!?!

A very eye-opening and sober truth read!  Support Native American success!

Ok so if you don't you know!  Original KFC fried chicken recipe!

Only in Florida during mango season...geesh!

Ok so this freaked me out, juuuust a little!

To free a lobster!

25 habits for happiness!

I'm no scientist buuutttt....I sure think it's hot out there!

I absolutely love this idea...sent it to my sister for my super creative niece & nephew.

Whaaaattt tha...dangerous flat worms in Florida!?!

This orangutan is pretty amazing!

Who knew avocado's are in such demand!?! the animals, close the zoo's!

I totally want to check this out in Seattle when it's completed!

Hope you enjoyed this week's awesomenesss!!!

Happy Gardening and Best Wishes,

Friday, September 9, 2016

Weekend Awesomenesss!!! v.10

Welcome Friends to this week's Weekend Awesomenesss!!!

NO talking in class....let's get started peeps!

Love how they made plants a part of these interior rooms!

Um hulleoo...chicken, morels and rice pilaf...drop mic!

I wanna meet this you and I have questions!

A great pasta dish you can make veggie stylie or add da'meat!

When you think we have taken over, think again...preservation please!

Flowers encased in ice...photographed duh!

Respect the hive...bee hive that is!

I must say...this guy is pretty awesome!

For all you "ADHD" folks....this is for you...I so want one!

The Ghent Altarpiece up close and personal!

Here's how to make an exceptional hor'douvres platter for the holidays!

Thank goodness summer is over cause this pool info is so grosssss!!!

I so want one of this artist pieces of art!

Whaaaaat a library!!!!

NASA is waaay coool...wonder how much they got paid to do this awesomenessss!  Hiring?

Wishing you all a most wonderful weekend!
Happy Gardening and get dirty!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Handmade wood garden markers for sale!

Hi Y'all!!!  Well guess what I've been working on!?!

I am now making and selling these gorgeous handmade custom wood garden markers for your 
landscape, vegetable and herb garden!  
Also a great gift for a new neighbor, your family or friends!

They are $4.00 each plus shipping and handling (shipping out of the 33064 zip code).  I custom make them per your request, so depending on the size of the order, the lead time from order to ship is approximately 5-7 days.  

The markers are approximately 14-18 inches high, the name tags are approximately 3-4 inches wide by 2-3 inches high depending on the shape.  I wood burn the plant name into the wood and seal the wood with a urethane clear coat.

It's super easy to order...just message me with your order 
Email me at:
you can either pay through Paypal or mail a check.  
Then I'll make them, ship them and you place them
 where you like, instantly beautifying your garden!

Custom garden markers for your garden and landscape

Custom signage for your garden...lemon, lime, strawberry, corn...

I wood burn the name into the wood and seal the wood with a clear coat.
Email me at:

Looking forward to making your next marker order!

Happy Gardening and Best Wishes,
Sheri B.