Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Risky Investment"

Today my boyfriend and I decided to take a bit of a risk on this whimsy purchase...a blueberry bush.  Yes, I know, what am I thinking???  Well we have seen them in all the garden sections of the big home improvement stores.  Though it has been duly noted that they do tend to sell plants that do not survive our unique (subtropical, salty and sometime desert like) climate of zone 10b.  So what the heck, we figured we will do our best & if it dies well then we gave it our best shot...if it does well, hey we have blueberries, well worth the investment!  Here are a few pictures of our tiny blueberry bush.
Blueberry in the middle, strawberry on the left & tomatoes on the right.

Our little risky investment, lol...look little blueberries already on it. 

 This is on the south side of the house & will get about 6 hours of morning to midday sunlight and filtered in the afternoon.  The container says it likes acidic soil like azalea's, not to put compost in it and pine bark mulch it.  So mulch it next, but at least it's in the ground.  Good luck little one!

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  1. So far so good on the Rabbiteye blueberry...it has transplanted very well :))