Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'clitoria ternatea'

Behind my dragon fruit is my sweet pea vine, latin name 'clitoria ternatea', which died back this winter for the first time ever.  I thought it was a goner but to my surprise (as Mother Nature always does) it started growing back this Spring.  Hopefully now I can have the ugly wood fence become a beautiful living wall!

A close up of the flower.  Oddly enough it looks purple in this picture but it is actually a vibrant blue with yellow middle.

The sweet pea vine looks so dainty and delicate, but is really super hardy and tenacious!  Not an aggressive grower like my Dutchman's Pipe vine.  This vine has a beautiful cascading look of gorgeous green leaves with amazing pop-out color of bright, almost vivid, blue flowers!  One of my all time favorite plants!  If you can find one, buy it!  I am sure you will love it too! :)

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