Friday, September 16, 2011

New plantings

Wednesday I planted some a second crop of seeds while donating blood to the mosquitoes, multitasking what can I say, lol.  The corn is doing really well without any help from me.  Though most of the watermelon seedlings burned from me being out of town for a couple of days & no water. Only one of the tomatillo seeds actually sprouted then died yesterday.  And I only have a handful of tomato seedlings sprouting.  Gosh I thought I would be a better vegetable gardener! :(
One lonely watermelon seedling left here.
Four watermelon seedlings
My little patch of Stowell's corn three weeks old
My second sowing of seeds for the heirloom tomatoes, carrots, onions & watermelon.
These are cuttings I started from a landscape job we did.
They will be the mother plants for more cuttings.  Five different
purlsane's, sun rose, sea oxeye daisy, queen oyster and kalanchoe.
Goodness we may end up with our own little nursery!

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