Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our first harvest of collard greens

Over the weekend I cooked our first harvest of our first time growing collard greens.  Also believe it or not my first time cooking collard greens, so I used Paula Deen's recipe with ham hocks as a guideline but of course as always I added my own twist to it.  OMG they were delicious!  I picked the collard's at lunch time & let them soak in water for about 4-5 hours.  I do say the water did stunk up the house like rank onions, lol, but I'm guessing that helped because they were not bitter at all.   Yesterday I collected a second harvest & cooked them with smoked turkey wings.  DELICIOUS! I forgot how tasty collards are and good for you too.  So now collard greens are definitely going to be a part of our yearly vegetable garden.  If you haven't tried collards greens in your garden and/or on your plate, buy a couple plants at your local nursery, stick them in the ground (or pot) & let'em grow.  They are extremely ease plants to grow and you can clip the big leaf's at any point of the plant's growing cycle to eat.  So now you know!  Go green...Collard Green's that is!  ;))

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