Friday, February 17, 2012

Garden delights

     We have had some amazing weather lately, technically it's Winter but it sure does feel like Spring.  All the flora and fauna seem to think so too.  To my surprise one orchid of mine which normally blooms in summer popped out some amazing flowers.  Here's a few pictures.
One of my cattleya orchid with no tag
Another picture of my beautiful no name orchid lol
My Valentine's Day present from my
bf :) An amazing orchid for $14 WOW!
There was no name tag for this gorgeous
phalaenopsis orchid.  
The flowers are about 4-5" wide, huge!
Very cool picture the way the light shines through
the soft petals making it look opaquely iridescent.
The tomato plants are getting huge with
lots of tomatoes all over! Yummy!
Absolutely love this combo of cordyline 'red sister'
& croton 'petra'. The colors & textures are so dynamic!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  The weather is spectacular so get yourself, friends and family together for a picnic at the park.
Happy Gardening!

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