Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vegetable garden

     Hello Everyone!  This morning's blog is on our little vegetable garden, well it was a vegetable garden now turned tomato garden.  It seems the tomato plants have completely taken over, lol!  We have a few odds and ends in there, like celery, Detroit red beets, Parisian carrots, a head of kale, purple hot peppers, Thai Thai hot peppers and the grey's sugar snap peas and long red florence onions are just starting to sprout.  The tomato plants are doing fantastic since I have been diligent in spraying them this year, alternating with copper fungicide and neem oil.  Same spray for the Nam Doc Mai mango, which is loaded with new flower sprays coming out; yippee!  All of the tomato plants are heirlooms and I think so far we have Hillbilly Potato Leaf, Black From Tula, Isis Candy cherry's and Cherokee Purple.  Here are a few snapshots I took this morning.  I definitely have to get a better camera!
Our little vegetable garden now dubbed
heirloom tomato garden, lol
Our heirloom tomato's growing like crazy!
I am super excited to try some of these tasty treats!
Not sure which one this is. It was from the
group of seeds that didn't sprout, so I threw the
cups of dirt into the garden and yup they sprouted!
So I don't know which one is which, total surprise!
Another surprise tomato variety.

Thai Thai hot pepper in top of picture &
round purple hot peppers in bottom of picture.
The Grey's Sugar Snap Pea shoots, YUM-O!
You can eat these right off the vine :)
We transplanted our Nam Doc Mai mango
from it's large pot to the ground & it has
completely taken off! Soooo many blooms! :)
It's hard to see all of the new spikes of flowers
& new shoots popping out of those.  I am so
impressed with how many for such a small tree!
We have had such an unusually warm winter
that all the plants think it's Spring.  Even our
Meyer lemon is in full bloom.
After we planted our Meyer lemon in the ground, it
went through a bit of shock but now this little tree is completely filled with flowers soon to be lemons :)
Well this is just a little bit of what's blooming, budding and bursting in our yard.  What's growing in your neck of the woods right now, we would love to know!
Happy Gardening!
Best wishes,

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