Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More & more tomatoes...oh me oh my!

     We certainly had lots of tomatoes so far this season!  Though I have lost half of my Black from Tula crop due to insects that burrows into the fruit of the tomato & eats it from the inside out.  Every time I go out there another falls victim...CRAPOLA!  Ugh what to do...anyone know what bug this is & how to zap it?  It makes the tomatoes stink like rot too...pee-u, lol!   
More Black from Tula in the middle, Hillbilly Potato Leaf
are the mid size ones and the little ones are the Isis Candy.
So far my favorites are the Isis Candy's, totally delicious!!!
Third round of pickings of the Hillbilly Potato Leaf's & Isis Candy's.
Minus a handful of the Isis's I popped in my mouth as I was picking them :)
Another day of Black from Tula's &
Hillibilly's, plus a little decor to go with it.
A close up of the harvest without
the decor, lol
Sending you all wonderful harvest's of your own at this time of year!
Happy Gardening y'all!!!

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