Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring is in the air...

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days we have had all year!
As I sat on our lovely new patio, sipped on a cocktail & thanked the all mighty for a great day!
I thought these were neat with the juxaposition
of the wires against the sky.
Another with the fading light of the sun.
Our simpson stopper is all in bloom, filling
the air with it's sweet scent.
Too bad the hummingbirds have flown north at this time,
cause the necklace pods are in full flower power.
A group of bromeliads just keep expanding their path
Lavender and curly leaf parsley
Love my Indonesian clay lanterns!

Our banana patch just grew up one day out of the blue
Now we have our first bunches of bananas, yea!
I have no idea what these are but will let
you know how they taste!
The willow bustic is totally buzzing with bees all over
feeding on the nectar of the small but extremely
powerful smelling blossoms! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Wish there was a perfume made from this, it's
super sweet like a marmalade or jam.
Variegated baby sunrose flower, so dainty and sweet!
Baby sunrose...a great full sun ground cover that likes to spread


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