Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spring is springing again

Well, we thought Spring had sprung back in March/April but it really has sprung now, yup it sprung right smack dab into summer...perpetual rain/thunder/lightening storms, extremely hot, very humid and of course to top it all off, yes, off-shore winds coming out of the Everglades moving more hot humid air to the coast, yuck!  Summer is officially here.

Though with that lament...everything is blooming & growing, young-buck squirrels are running around all over the backyard playing to hearts delight, all kinds of birds happily singing their songs, we can save water without using the sprinklers, large groups of Ibis eating the grubs out of the lawns, baby birds are chirping to be fed, colors popping out of all kinds, everyone is trimming & cutting back their landscape and it's just all around beautiful here.
So happy Summer everyone!

What are your summer plans?

Happy Gardening & best summer wishes,

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