Monday, February 4, 2013

Window Sill Gardening

Here in South Florida we are very fortunate to have moderate winter's.  Though most of the country is experiencing severe weather around this time of year.  Here we can leave our plants outside and in the ground all year round.  Though most of the country has to bring cold sensitive plants inside and/or greenhouse them.  There used to be a time when we had frost warnings but now we call ourselves lucky if we can stay below 70 degree F weather for a couple of days.  With your freezing winter weather and our brutally hot summer weather there are some plants that just do better inside.  If you haven't already, why not try a window sill garden?  Window sill gardens are wonderfully practical as well as beautiful.

First you should ask yourself, what type of plants do I want to grow and what light & water requirements do they need?  Based on the answers, you can choose which of your window sills suits their environment.  For example, one of the ladies in our orchid society lives in a condo but loves orchids.  So she has them in her bathroom windows where they can absorb the shower heat and humidity as well as her kitchen window sill.

Second ask yourself, how can I personalize this space?  You can add small objects of whimsy, picture frames, heirloom pieces, colored glass, collectables, etc.  For example, right now in my kitchen window I have a few small pieces of colored glass vases, a few seashells and my last surviving mini violet.  The whole window sill was full of mini violets since that was the only place I could actually grow them.  For me, I like to rotate new things in my window sills that way I never get bored with it.
Currently what my kitchen window sill looks like with the
exception that the orchid is now back outside.
We have a tiny old school galley style kitchen.
Boy how I wish I had an extra 10k to remodel lol.

Here are some more ideas for window sill gardens...
I had an extra compote dish I wasn't using so
I thought it would work better for me as a herb planter, lol.
It was so easy & looks so pretty that I'm going to use a
few more pieces of unique yet unused glassware of mine.
Here is what it looks like finished. 

I just love how this person recycled baby food jars to
use them as forcing vases for narcissus bulbs, so cool!
Carnivorous plants in this sill.
Green chrysanthemum's
Love this cozy corner!
A very elegant country style kitchen window sill.
An easy way to add fresh herbs to your food by having a
few of your favorites handy.
So fun, festive & colorful with fresh cut flowers.
A contemporary style window sill with flowers & herb topiaries, too cute!
This is a fellow blogger's window sill which I thought was so pretty & unique.
Her sill gave me the inspiration for this window sill post.  Thank you Lorraine!
I really like this unique collection of objects on this window sill.
This is a nice grouping of orchids & various house plants,
something like my Mom had in our window growing up.
A very simple but stately window sill
I just adore this creative & unique window sill.
Whether your window sills are filled to the brim or bare as a bone, hopefully you
saw something to spark your creative juices flowing.

Happy Gardening and best wishes,



  1. Oh my gosh Sheri ~ I can't believe you posted my 'sill'. I do love it though, it makes me happy and you just added to my happiness. That was a sweet thing to do and I appreciate it from my heart. You just did me a world of good this evening.

    I like the brickwork in your galley style kitchen and your sill looks nice. What is the green plant in the center? I like the wooden skirt over the window between the two sets of cabinets too.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. The minute I saw the picture of your window sill it brought warmth & comfort to my heart. I could imagine it being at our house growing up or at my house now. Funny how imagery can evoke emotion, lol. Just think, because you shared that moment in your world it brought a smile of happiness to mine. I thank are just too sweet with compliments Lorraine!

    The little plant is the last of my miniature violets. They are so beautiful when in full bloom. I have been meaning to purchase some more from Donna at the Garden Gate but haven't had the time. I think you would really like her little nursery, it reminds me of your cottage garden. Wishing you a wonderful & peaceful week!

    Best wishes,

  3. I love how you used FlowerLady's picture!

    Great post and really great ideas. I've always said if I ever move my next home "HAS" to have a kitchen with a window above the sink. As it stands now, hubby cooks and does dishes so I can't complain. But I envy all the photos above.

    Have a great week.


  4. Hi Eli and thank you! Boy I don't know how you do it, lol...I just love staring out my kitchen window looking at my veggie garden or birds flying in the sky. I know so cliche hee hee but I would definitely take a husband doing the cooking & cleaning over a kitchen window any day! ;) You lucky gal you!

    Best wishes,