Saturday, April 20, 2013

Triple Hybrid Rose from a Thai Hobbyist

Finally have some time in my uber busy schedule this week to post about the tri-hybrid rose I bought from a sweet Thai man at the Asian Culture Festival back at the beginning of March (see the March post).  This man didn't speak any English so his son's were very patient & kind to translate for us.  Apparently grafting a variety of different roses to create a single specimen rose standard (a tree like form) is just a hobby of his, go figure.  Everything he created was absolutely magnificent!  The week after the festival I had two wishes: I wish I had brought our truck because I would have bought more of them and I wish I would have got their name and phone number instead of me relying on them to contact me after giving them my card.   Cause over a month later I still haven't heard from them.  Oh well, a famous musician once sang..."we can't always get what we want, but if we try sometimes we just might find, we get what we need, oh yeah!"  So without further adieu here is the triple hybrid rose I now have (and wish I had more of).  

To the best of my knowledge the three varieties grafted on this one plant are:
'Dream-Come-True', 'Black Baccara' and 'Moondance'.
My new standard rose with three hybrids grafted on it.
This is the pot it came in.
This is an older 'Dream-Come-True' bloom which
is about 5-6 inches wide, very large & richly sweet
smelling like candy!  This is a grandiflora cultivar.
This is the same bloom 3-4 days later, notice how
darker, more intense & more of a solid color
the pink gets on the flower.
This is a younger 'Dream-Come-True' bloom where
the yellow color dominates & the hot pink color
is on the outer tips of the petals.
A few days later you can see more pinkish blushing towards the back of the rose. The area's on the flower that get more sun are the most pink.
The same 'Dream-Come-True' bloom yet another few
days later.  Still incredibly sweet smelling, yet much
darker hotter pink & extremely full in flower.
Here you can see how much lighter the pink is on the lower part of the flower.  The sun hits the top part of the flower hence the "suntan", lol.

Here is the 'Moondance' bloom that just opened up.
This bloom is about 3 inches wide & very tartly
citrusy sweet smelling yet flavorful intense.
This is the other bloom where you can see it's
a bit older & has opened up to about 4-5 inches.
'Moondance' is a floribunda cultivar
Here 'Moondance' fully open in all it's glory.  It
kind of looks like a lotus flower with the way the
petal's open flat and have pointed tips.
It's incredible the way the gentleman grafted the three different hybrids on one tree. This is 'Moondance's'
section which is almost half of the whole tree.
This is one of 'Moondance's' largest blooms yet!
A whooping 5" wide.
Last to show up to the party is the 'Black Baccara'
Well I think it's the 'Black Baccara', I couldn't
understand everything the Thai gentleman was saying,
so I am guessing here.  It must the newest addition
to the tree since it's the smallest.
A small rose compared to the other two but still
just as beautiful.  This one has a lighter smell, more like what you  think a traditional rose smell to be like.  Here you can see the darker edges on the petals & lighter colored center.

The picture is on the light side as I was playing with my ISO's but
the true color is a few shades darker.  Again I am not sure this is the
'Black Baccara' which is a tea cultivar.  So if anyone knows, please leave a comment :)
So there you have triple hybrid rose.  A rose tree standard with a floribunda, grandiflora and a tea cultivar all grafted on the same tree.   I can only wish that the wonderful Thai family who produces these will reach out to me.  Not only would I love to purchase more but so do the folks I have showed this magnificent work of art to as well!   Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Happy Gardening & Many Best Wishes,


  1. Beautiful varieties of roses. The white rose really attracts me. That yellow and pink rose combination is really something. First time in my thoughts.

    1. Hi there, thanks for stopping by the garden! Yes, if only you could smell the incredible scents that these roses have, it's wild how it almost makes them look prettier, lol. I sure hope this one survives. Wishing you a wonderful week!

      Best wishes,