Thursday, June 20, 2013


Finally, my dears, we have sunshine!  And boy has it shone on us with a vengeance. Yes, yes, I know...Florida is the "Sunshine State" but the past few weeks we have had nothing but rain and thunderstorms.  Great for the ecosystem...not great to work in.  Now we have incredible heat and sun (it's been in the 90's friends)...again great for the ecosystem, not so great to work in, ugh!  So with a few of my "off work" days, I was out in the yard working on unfinished projects which I started before Mother Nature unleashed her fury.  Now I get to post about them...yea for us!

Here are a few pics on the day the sun decided to shine!

Pseuderanthemum carruthersii variety atropurpureum
I had no idea what the name of this was until just recently &
I still have no idea if it has any common name but I absolutely love this plant!
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii variety atropurpureum
Watermelon bromeliads & pseuderanthemum
My various bulb plants had no intention of waiting for me to
put them in the ground for them to bloom.  In front: light pink rain lilies,
stoplight red amaryllis and the beautiful magenta Ellen Bosanquet crinum lilies.
Lady palm (rhapis excelsa)
Lemon-lime dracena
My favorite black-n-blue salvia
Ornamental purple banana
My latest addition to my bromeliad collection....Neoregelia Kahala Dawn
that I purchased from an absolutely awesome nursery, Sunshine Bromeliads!!!!
Go check them out, their gardens are filled with 35 years of love & dedication
plus I guarantee you will leave with some incredible plants!
Various seashells from our beach
Alocasia portora, a huge growing alocasia
Costa ginger with edible flowers, tastes like apple!
This aloe was a transplant from my family's Miami house.
Crocosmia 'emberglow', Cordyline 'chilli pepper'
& false aralia in the background.
 This "Zig-zag" spider spun a concentric circle
rather than radial lines behind the legs.
A new fav to my collection...alternanthera 'party time'.
Well this is just the beginning of many more posts to come, plus it keeps me outta this crazy heat!
Sending you lots of tropical wishes and happy gardening y'all!


  1. You do have a wonderful collection of plants!I enjoyed going through your photos, including the seashells from Florida beaches. Also love the spider and its web...I don't think I have come across a pattern like that. The web, I mean.

    Sunny days!

    1. Thank you Kanak! I just wish I had a larger piece of property then I could amass my wish list of plants, lol! Would gladly send you some Florida seashells. :)

      Wishing you all the best & many beautiful days ahead,