Monday, July 22, 2013

Green Living at the Singapore Park Royal Hotel on Pickering

It has been many moons since I was lucky enough to travel to Singapore.  Even back then Singapore was viewed as one of the world's most forward thinking countries.  Not only is it is an incredibly wealthy country but an absolutely beautiful and exceptionally clean country, where the granite sidewalks were washed by hand every morning.  Since my time there, Singapore has only grown more beautiful.  I view them as the sleeping dragon of fashion, wealth, architecture, education and eco living.  Their "green living" mantra continues to set the standards across the globe.  It is after all an island, so their rate of growth and development are very calculated.  Every new building must without exception meet their green building standards of sustainable living.  One such building is the new award winning Park Royal Hotel on Pickering Street....what can I say...just speechless.   Here's a few pictures to show you just how awesome this place is!

Hopefully I could return one day to view this beautiful country again!  
Until then...stay classy Singapore!
Happy Gardening and Best Wishes,


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