Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Blooms in South Florida

So my friends, we have finally cooled off a wee bit...low's 74/high's 84...yes I know it's still kinda hot during the day but the evenings are sooooo nice!  Since the sun has shifted south quite considerably, most of the plants here in South Florida are starting to harden up a bit.  Though there are a few that the cooler temperatures actually trigger them to bloom.  Here are a few of my orchids that just opened up.
This picture just cracks me up!  Can you guess what's my bf
is saying, lol...."what the heck are you doing up there!?!"
Looking back in my file I was surprised to see 
I have had this orchid since 2004, wow!
This orchid started blooming at the end of September &
continues to throw out new blooms!  I bought this orchid
in 2006 & it has grown huge!
Unfortunately I lost the tag to this beautiful orchid long ago,
anyone know what it could be?
Here is a close up of the flowers, they start out a light peachy-yellow
then turn a darker version of that the older it gets.
A snapshot from our front yard...enjoying an evening
of our wonderful fall weather.
Look up on the powerline you can see our amazing local singer,
this mockingbird has such a wide range & is very talented.
Well that's a little bit of what is going on in our neck of the woods.
And of course a little teaser of one of our local beaches in Fort Lauderdale.
You can check out the Windjammer Resort's live cam.
Wishing you most Happy & Spooky Halloween!


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    1. Oh Lorraine you are too kind! I just love your redecorating of the caravan and all of your hearts symbolizing your love with your late husband. I hope each day brings you peace, strength and happiness. Hope you are enjoying every bit of this awesome weather we are having! Wishing you a most wonderful week!

      Happy Gardening and Best wishes,