Friday, May 9, 2014

Pest Control in South Florida

"AAAAaaaahhhhhh......eeeiiikkkk!!!  There is a cockroach in the bathroom, quick honey, kill it!"
How many times have I done that one, um yeah, just a few.  

Or what about this little diddly, 
"...smack (sound of hand slapping one's self)....smack...smack...crap (one exclaiming aloud)...smack...crap...damn mosquitoes!!!"

But this one is my all time favorite, 
"I think I have white fly all over my ficus plants."
"um, yes I think you do."

So my friends, what to do!?!  Who to call...who to trust?

PIP Termite & Pest Control is who you call.
Our good friends at PIP, located on Federal Highway in Lighthouse Point, 
are some of the most amazing folks around!
If you are in the South Florida tri-county area,
that is Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, then PIP is definitely for you!
PIP handles every issue you may have.  Most of us are very familiar to many South Florida's
insects and animals that can plague our daily lives, like cockroaches, antswhite fly,
 termitesbees and of course the all might rodents.
Visit their website for a full list of their services.
Their staff is extremely knowledgeable, very friendly, always dependable,
immensely helpful for all the 'do-it-yourself'ers', excellent customer service and well priced.

Summer is here & we South Floridians love our outdoor activities, especially the kids.
PIP's mosquito misting system is exactly what you need to keep those pesky insects away to enjoy your days and nights.  Believe me when I say these amazing systems are more affordable than you may think and are worth their weight in gold.
Last year Florida reported their first cases ever of dengue fever in Martin county.  The last time dengue fever was documented was in Key West over 70 years ago.  While Florida is still battling to control the West Nile virus, 2012 reported record high numbers of infections.  What better way to
protect your family, pets and/or your customers than a mosquito misting system!

We had our house & attic sprayed with their pyrethrum-based (derived from the chrysanthemum flower) insecticide for our termite infestation.   We didn't even have to leave the house.  Happy to say that was one of the best things I did last year...still termite free!  :)

Call Wayne & Cheryl at PIP Termite & Pest Control to schedule your free pest control audit!
954-570-5307  Deerfield Beach/Fort Lauderdale
561-883-3884  Boca Raton/Delray Beach/Lake Worth/Boynton Beach

While you are there let them know you saw them right here on Gardening in South Florida's blog.
Life is more enjoyable knowing the companies you work with are experienced & reliable!
Enjoy your weekend and Happy Gardening!

Best Wishes,

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  1. I enjoy simply cutting down the ficus hedge to about an inch high and painting a small amount of Garlon or some other herbicide on the stumps. It is easy to cut through ficus roots so there is no need to wait to plant Simpson stopper, Jamaica caper, marlberry, indigo berry, Spanish stopper or any number of other beautiful native shrubs in its place. These native shrubs are slow growing and require only one or two trimmings a year.
    So why continue to use an insecticide like Merit that kills our bees to keep a "shrub" alive that really wants to be an 80 foot tree when you can use plants that only want to be 20 feet tall and can be kept free of scale insects with Organicide when needed?