Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend Awesomenesss!!! v.9

Hi Friends, welcome to this week's Weekend Awesomenesss!!!

First of all, let me say we must be there for each other, these are moments to unite, to give support, to talk to each other & to love each other.
Let us not be divided by these events, let it bring us closer to together!

Charles Blow wrote this great article...and I totally agree.

never too late to find success in your career or passion!

If you're hiking the trails this summer, check out California's new trail map!

Another funny reason not to leave the kid with Dad, but at least the house is clean lol!

This "remember when" of then-and-now photos is incredible!  Technology is a beast!

So here is what Florida is dealing with this summer!  Can we please take accountability here!?!

This Mexican jungle garden is where I'd rather cool!!!

I love a good 'brunch cake' lol!!!

Any summer projects?  Check out New Society Publishers summer sale!

If you were brave enough to ride Japan's pedal-powered roller coaster then you can ride this!!!

Talk about a symbiotic relationship...why can't we all be like this!

This amazing artist has such an interesting perspective!

If you think your alone on this...let me let you know, you are not!

Wish we had a Hawaiian BBQ restaurant (we go here every time I'm in the ATL) in our neighborhood...but until then try this recipe!

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday...make the best of your week!

Pass along kindness and compassion to others because someone may need your help and it's free!

Happy Gardening and Best Wishes,

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