Saturday, September 9, 2017

What's 'growing on' in the garden lately...

Hi Ya'll!  I know I haven't been around in awhile aaaannd you probably think I stink but since we last spoke, but work has been really busy until recently.   Oh did I mention we have a category 5 hurricane Irma coming up from the Caribbean right now!?! Eek ok back to talking to you all.
The vegetable/herb garden has been mostly stagnant anyway due to our typical summer heat.   It was a struggle to get anything to grow, so why struggle.  Since then we've slowed down a click, which was much needed...recoup & catch a breath.  *sigh*
In between our busy and slow times, I was collecting all kinds of cool pics and ideas to share.
See I thought of you! 😉
I left the vegetable/herb garden to tend to itself this summer, well I guess I figured it could.   And boy was I wrong, a child you have to allow them some freedom to roam but totally reign them in when they get close to outta this here squash, which produced a whole lotta nothin' except blossom end rot that I couldn't get rid of.  But I let it grow like crazy, which in turn drove my boyfriend crazy who said it looks like a weed. *sniff, sniff*
Don't listen to him squash, you're beautiful! 
Unfortunately all the tomato plants partied till they wilted into sad hungover looking college kids.   Which I never did in my college days...wait, what? You have pics?
Seriously though you don't right?
Ok so what were we talking about, oh yeah, tomatoes...that was all I wanted this summer.
Is that too much for a girl to ask for...sweet delicious sun-kissed tomatoes!?! *sniff, sniff*
Especially since my basil is looking so handsome this year!
Thank you basil, my favorite child...sssshhhh!  Ok minty mint your're the best too!
Is it weird I find myself talking about my plants with some sort of human pronoun or adjective?
No?   Whew, I was getting worried, for only like a tiny second.
But seriously, that basil right!?!
The peppers were no disappointment, from green jalapenos, purple jalapenos, scotch bonnets and a tiny Thai pepper called "i have no idea" but hot as heck for like a moment then you want another.
"Yes, master may I have another!?!"  Movie, anyone, anyone...Animal House!  Classic!

Mango season was less than stellar for us this started late, had small yields and well, I wasn't really enthused with mangoes this year.  And you know me, mango crazy here!

Let's talk mangoes for just a sec even though mango season is over...there is a reason why we folks here in South Florida call mango season "mango madness"...yes it totally induces the madness in many forms good and bad.  Bad=I read about this couple in West Palm where the wife stabbed her husband because he kept leaving mango peels in the house.  Yah totally true, it happened.  Uhm madness!  
Luckily he lived to eat mango another day.
Good=All through out summer we have tropical fruit fairs, mango festivals, mango mania fairs, King Mango parades, mango farm tours, mango tastings, mango farmers markets, mango horticulture, neighbors sharing their crops and mango stealing....yes they are so delicious that people will 
literally steal them from other people's trees=Bad. 
If you have not tasted a fresh-off-the-tree mango then you might not know how good they are.  Just cause you tasted one doesn't mean you've tasted them all.  Each variety has vastly different flavors, texture, shape and color than the other.  There is even a mango called 'coconut cream' and yes it tastes like coconutty.  
So don't give up on them in case ya' did.

Oh minty mojito mint, how I love thee...
The only reason it survived was the constant dripping of my leaky hose, um your welcome.

My orchids have been my babies this summer...yeah they got alot of love from me...
What would a piece of woody wood do if it had nothing to do?
I wood end up finding it, covering it with lots of orchids thus it wood get a second life. LOL
Wait till you see what they look like now!  Ugh, I need better pictures.

Our yard was soooooo lack luster...I kinda gave up on it, oops.  Bad landscaper I am, lol.
With that said the natives did AH-mazing!  Like our Jamaican capers that went cuckoo twice already this year.  The three B's love me's=Birds, Bees, Butterflies
 There's no stopping these red porter weeds from weeding out!

Another surprise that, I left to fend for itself...ok so in reality I gave up on it but shhhh no one needs to know right?   My white delicious alpine strawberry (I said it really sloooowwww in my head).
My white alpine strawberries were a super duper stunner!   Who knew...not me.
Think strawberry candy, no, think strawberry cotton candy mixed with a gummy bear...yeahhhh.
Ok so I leave you with that lovely thought for now.
Hurricane Irma is knocking on the door so I must bid you adieu!

My Floridians, please stay safe, keep calm and stay alert out there my friends,
help each other out in time of need.  
Best wishes,
Sheri B.

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