Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sugar Snap Peas...soooooo delicious!

In January of this year my Dad & I were visiting one of his long time neighborhood friends in Miami.  While we were there, my Dad's friend says, "would you like to see my vegetable garden?"  Dare I say, the description "vegetable garden" was highly under stated.  Their entire backyard is the vegetable garden!  I apologized for being rude as my jaw dropped and my hands dangled at my sides; he & his wife just giggled at me.  WOW, very impressive!!!  As he was showing me around, he snapped off a few sugar snap peas from the vine for me to try.  I was truly stunned as to how sweet and delicious they were. My brain & stomach simultaneously said "We must have those in our vegetable garden!"

I found some Burpee seeds at the local store & planted those in the beginning of May.  The package had no label as when to plant here in South Florida although I read it is a good summer plant.  With my hopes high and my stomach excited, I eagerly waited for the little plants to pop their heads from the ground.  To my surprise almost all of the seeds sprouted; "Yes!"  The bigger they grew some of them started to die; "What!?! No!"  Well that's normal I thought, the stronger plants survive; "There are still plenty left for harvest, right?"  Now there are only a handful of plants left; "Argh, what to do!?!"  I mulched them and make sure they have water everyday and if all goes well we will have some delicious sugar snap peas to munch on.

I have come to the conclusion that the plants are getting too dry and too much full sun and/or I need to plant them earlier in the season like my Dad's friend did.  So the moral of this story.....experience, guidance, wisdom & knowledge from our elders is priceless!  For it to be passed to another generation, we must take the time to stop and listen. :)

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