Monday, August 15, 2011

A little Atlanta botanical orchid inspiration

So upon my return from Atlanta, I of course had a bolt of inspiration.  Using the Atlanta Botanical Garden conservatories as my muse, I have decided to....wait for it....move my hundreds of orchids from their pots into my landscape. Whew, yes I said it!  Never again will I buy another clay pot or mix medium or my #1 least favorite thing to do, never to repot another orchid again!  Ok, so the task sounds a bit daunting BUT (yes everyone I know has a big BUT) but, the reward of an exquisite landscape would be so awesome! Plus I could show my clients how they too can have low maintenance but gorgeous orchids in their landscapes.
So here are some of my potted orchids in my make shift orchid house.
I have quite a few of the larger baskets hanging in the trees plus I started moving
some of the easier smaller orchids onto the tree limbs already.  I just hope I have enough trees, lol.
Will post some pictures once they go into the trees.  Right now in the rainy season is a perfect time to transplant, since the dry hot windy weather can burn their roots & stress the plant.

Super gorgeous & sweet smelling orchid
from Philippines that I bought from
Mac's Orchids in Fort Lauderdale.
This rare orchid is Vanda Lamellata, 

 variation remediosae.
This is how large this orchid is, with multiple orchid
plants all in one basket.  The roots almost touch the ground
& it blooms 2-3 times a year with good rains. This is one of my top five favorites, thank you Mac!

Rhychovanda Colmarie 'Banjong'
This "to die for" orchid has been blooming
for almost 20 days now & still smells just
as delicious as the first day on the job

This one I purchased from Banjong Orchids
in Homestead, a wonderful place :)
Cute bambootie cattleya orchid just opened yesterday.
Unfortunately the tag has disinigrated over time so
another no name orchid, perfect orchid to move
to the trees!

Will keep everyone "posted" as to my inspirational adventure of transform an ordinary garden into an extraordinary landscape!  P.S. my boyfriend thinks I bit off more than I can chew, well will see about that! ;)

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