Monday, August 15, 2011

Atlanta Botanical Gardens in August

"Hot'lanta" is most definitely the appropriate name for Atlanta today, as the average temperature has been in the mid 90's, humid and absolutely no cross breeze to cool down.  Even the shade is sweltering!  We stayed for just over an hour then headed back to the house for some down time inside with the kids.  Here are a few things happening at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in August.

This gem of an alocasia is definitely on
my wish list. These were the highlights of
several free standing planters in the
canopy walk area.
One of my favorites every time I visit is this
"living wall" inside the conservatory.
They change the plants every month with
a new design.

Every where you look is just loaded with all
kinds of endangered & protected plants &
orchids from around the world.  These are orchids
growing on one of the tree trunks.
Anthiriums, orchids, moss, ferns, bromeliads,
& all kinds of temperate tropical plants.
Orchids with orange flowers growing on the
ground with moss all over the rocks.
Gorgeous starburst bloom growing from
the center of a bromeliad.
Unbelievable! The white cat whisker looking
things are actual flowers from this Habenaria
medusae orchid. So striking!
My niece loves the tropical rain forest turtle pond.
Orchids attached in the guava trees.
Tropical rain forest section of the conservatory.
So much to look at, every square millimeter is covered.
You can see how they start each orchid bunch
to tree limbs. The roots are wrapped in a ball
of sphagnum moss which is then tied
securely to the limb with either wire,
zip ties or nylon string.
Orchids, orchids everywhere!
Here they actually made their own type of
orchid totem poles.  In the center they crossed
two poles to make it look like falling trees.

Here is the opposite side of what I call the
"falling tree totems" LOL.  Being an orchid
and plant lover, I could spend hours in
this part of the botanical gardens.
Around each corner you turn is always something
wonderful to look at.  Especially when the lighting
shifts from cloudy to sunny.  What a nature
photographer paradise! 
This cutie patootie is actually a begonia.
I know it would be a daunting job but
it would be great if the more unusual
species of plants were tagged with names.
My niece just loves coming here.  Hopefully
she & her brother will have the love and
respect for nature as we do. What a great
way to pass knowledge onto the younger generations.
Sarracenia pitcher plants hidden in a
crevice between the mossy rocks.  These
are carnivorous plants that extract the juices
of small insects that get stuck in their pitchers.
Talk about nature's survivalists!
And so we come to an end of this visit of the
Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  Spring, fall & winter is such
a great time to visit this amazing place.  August was just
too hot to stay more that a few hours, but well worth it.
They even have orchids growing on the pergola! WOW!

Yes, yes, I know, I know, this is a gardening in South Florida blog, but believe it or not many plants in Florida can also be grown in Georgia.  Your local nurseries will have lots of cold hardy plants that have the feel of the tropics with out leaving the GA.!  
So go on and get dirty before winter gets here! :))

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