Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More blooms in our garden

With the little bit of rain showers we have been getting in the afternoons, has done wonders to the plants.
Lemon chiffon yellow water lily
Another lost tag orchid :(
this one just loves to bloom :) 
Our black ironwood tree in the front yard has
tiny lime green flowers all over it which the
bees absolutely love!  This is a perfect tree
for small yards!  Plant Creations in
Homestead is where we purchased this lovely!
The owner of Talay Thai restaurant gave me
this little gem of a dendrobium orchid (amazing
place to eat btw!)  The flowers are pale purple that
grow on long spikes.  The sun was brilliant bright
but you can see the flower spikes in bloom & its
growing two more spikes full of flowers!  This
orchid blooms 2-3 times a year, it just LOVES
showing off! lol :)) 
Our Mockingbirds love eating the berries from
the Willow Bustic tree in our front yard.  They feed
their babies, who will in turn feed from the tree too.
This is another fabulous tree for small yards.  When
this tree is in bloom, the scent is heavenly and can
be smelled for blocks around!
The bright yellow lime leaves are show stoppers while the dark black berries are hiddenunderneath. The flowers & berries actually grow
right on the branches. Very cool! We bought
our trees from Plant Creations in Homestead!
A "must go" for all gardners!
Our little Nam Doc Mai mango tree dropped
all it's blooms earlier this year due to anthracnose
disease, oh so sad, no mangoes for us. :(  Well
not quite, as we were able to eat some extremely
delicious mangoes thanks to Hatcher Mango Hill in
Lake Worth.  Though Mother Nature always has
a way to surprise us!  With the spurts of rain we
have been getting, guess who is flowering!?!  Yes
our little Nam Doc Mai mango tree.
So I have gone against my "no spraying" policy
(for this tree only) in order to save the mango
blooms & hopefully we will have a late
mango harvest this year after all!  So
stay away Tropical storm Emily!!!!

A couple of Florida native orchids I put
in our Desert Cassia tree.  Unbelievable
how fast the rooted to the tree!  Match
made in heaven!
This super cute palm is a Watermelon Palm, Chambeyronia
macrocarpa, that has done really well here.  I purchased
this way cool palm from Tropical Gardens of Maui.  Yes,
this palm traveled all the way from Hawaii as a tiny
seedling (~14 inches high).  My how it's grown!
This is a very slow growing understory palm but a "must
have" for all collections.  New fronds are bright red &
the exterior top trunk is dappled greens just like a watermelon.
Last but not least, in this little miscellaneous section of the garden
I threw the scooped out insides of a melon I was cutting up to eat.
Now mind you this was a store bought melon & Mother Nature does
it again by throwing me another surprise.  Yes, that sprawling patch of greens
is what grew from the melon.  Of course I don't remember what kind
of melon it was cause I never thought it would grow, lol, but I guess
that will be a surprise too! :))


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