Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh my, to my surprise...

As I walked through my orchid house to take the garbage out...to my surprise, there were a handful of orchids in bloom!  One of my favorites is Rhynchovanda Colmarie 'Banjong' AM/AOS.  The flowers are filled with the most unique sweet scent with a hint of tarty citrus. The flowers are one of the darkest purples I have seen with a frilled middle lip and thick almost waxy petals.  The leaves are long and broad just like any other vanda species.  I purchased this amazing orchid from Banjong Orchids in Homestead, definitely a "must have" for every collection, plus Banjong is a "must go see" for any collector!
Rhynchovanda Colmarie
'Banjong' AM/AOS
Rhychnovanda Colmarie 'Banjong' AM/AOS
dark purple flowers with super sweet scent
Rhychnovanda Colmarie 'Banjong' AM/AOS
flower detail
I almost missed this single bloom among the vast sea of orchids.  This is a Miltassia which is a cross between a Miltonia and a Brassia orchid.  The flower is about 6 inches from end to end with no scent but very striking indeed!
Miltassia Shelob 'tolkien' B149 AM/AOS
Eye spy with my little eye the Miltassia...

This single beauty is a Epicattleya (a cross between a Cattleya x Epidendrum) crossed with a Brassavola.  Super sweet scent only at night and beautiful vibrant green flower, almost glow in the dark green, lol.  One of my other fav's!
Epc. Lime Sherbert x B. Little Stars
Epc. Lime Sherbert x B. Little Stars
Here are a few more little gems blooming right now...
One of my lost tag orchids
& its flower

Another lost tag orchid but this one is an Encyclia Cochleata
very unique flowers with a very unusual tangy citrus scent
Wish you were here to smell some of these beauties but until then will keep posting pic's and hopefully you will find a few of these to include in your garden to enjoy!

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