Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh how I wish I could vine!

There are so many wonderful vining plants everywhere I turn.  Our yard small yard can have just a few vines strategically placed AND I have to constantly maintain them, though they are well worth it.  We have the Sweet pea vine which is super for a small yard as it is very easy to keep it under control (see previous post).  Then we have a Dutchman's Pipe vine which I planted to cover the existing chain link fence to create a "living fence".  Boy it that an aggressive growing-leaf dropping-Polydamas butterfly loving vine!  I am cutting it back at least two-three times a month in the summer.  But the flowers make everyone stop to gaze with amazement!

As I was leaving a client meeting a couple weeks ago (Yes I know it took me that long to post this LOL), this vine caught my attention as I have never seen it here in South Florida before.  It smells like a Gardenia but looks like a jasmine and to top it off, it was variegated.  It turns out that this is a Madagascar Jasmine or Bridal Bouquet Vine, Stephanotis floribunda is the latin name.  It needs a trellis or support structure of some sort in order to vine.  This one is growing in full sun but read they can grow in partial shade too.  They bloom from Spring throughout the summer.

This is the Madagascar Jasmine vine growing along the entrance way to the condo building.  You can see how it's growing throughout the masonry lattice work. Very striking with the variegated leaves, the white clusters of flowers with the white lattice wall and black ironwork architectural elements!
A close up of the blooms.
Another detail view of the entry area.
Oh how I wish I could vine! :)
For those of you who can, this may be the vine for you!

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