Monday, August 29, 2011

South Florida Vegetable Garden in August

Which door did I walk through, huh huh...well I'm sure you could guess, the back door to the vegetable garden. Still super duper hot here after Hurricane Irene left us.  I sowed the seeds directly into the ground this time so if the seeds burn out my saving grace is I still have half of my seeds left.  The season is long here so I can do another planting with out missing the season, though I will sow them in seed trays first then transplant.

Here is my heirloom vegetable garden.  The seeds
that are sown here: corn, tomatillo, & three different
Another view, I also put the dragon fruit and papaya in the ground.  No more pots! LOL ;)

Here are the heirloom 'stars & moon' watermelons
Oops, need another bag of mulch.

The new outdoor furniture my Dad gave us.

You would never know it by looking at this picture but
I cut everything back and weeded out alot of overgrowth.
Huge pile for pick up tomorrow lol!

Stay dirty my friends....stay dirty! :))

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