Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rain, rain and more rain...yea!

I can only hope that the rest of the country is receiving some of these thunderstorms full of rain that we are getting everyday here in South Florida.  With the cloud coverage and the wet weather, I am praying the vegetable seedlings I planted this past weekend have an excellent chance to get past the initial growing phase without burning.  I would rather give baby plants away because of too many than have none sprout.  So with that said, the orchids seem to love their new homes in the trees.  Here are a few in bloom today.
This little no name beauty is blooming for the first time.
More orchids in the guava tree
Blushing dendrobium just keeps on blooming
Ain't she dainty!?!
If the flower spikes grew any longer, we would end up hitting it with the car as we pull in the driveway, lol.
This one is attached to the Christmas palm tree in the front yard.

Another no name epidendrum orchid in the Desert
Cassia tree.  One major draw back to putting orchids
in the trees is the tags usually disappear.  No good way
to attach tags...anyone have ideas??? :))
You can see how fast the roots have grown
once the orchid is established, they really take off!  Then you know they are happy!
When I saw these little cuties, I thought of the twins, Castor & Pollux, lol,
if anyone knows their Greek mythology and/or their constellations :)
I can see them from my home office window in the Beautyberry shrub.
Well that's about it for today my friends.  Stay healthy and happy!

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