Friday, September 2, 2011

Vegetable Sprouts!!!

One day there is nothing and the next day...WOW...sprouts!!!  The first little sprouts to come up are the Stowell's Corn, the Isis Candy, Black from Tula & Hillbilly Potato Leaf tomatoes and 'moon & stars' watermelon.  The tomatoes are still tiny, too small to photograph, but they are there :)

This is the Stowell's Corn popping up.
My little 'Moon & Stars' watermelon.
The tall plant in the middle is a Cashew Nut Tree
or Cashew Apple.  The little patch of seedlings under it
are from one of the most delicious canteloupes we
have eaten this season!  Amazing that they sprouted since we bought
the canteloupe from the produce market!
Really interested as to how they will do.
This is my experiment area, where I do my "let see what grows".
My habit of picking things up along my day, "oooh the neighbor has
a Barbados Cherry Tree, let's see if I can grow a few of these" has
lead me to this. LOL.  So far there is a wide array of things growing in here: canteloupe
 from the produce market, thai & haden mangoes from the orchard, pineapple tops from
the market, and 'moon & stars' watermelon from seed.  There is a bunch of things
 that were planted but never grew....until all this rain dropped, now there are all
 kinds of sprouts popping up in here.  What a potpourri, hee hee!!!
If you never try, you may never know success!

Keep planting my friends...keep planting!!!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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