Friday, September 23, 2011

Hard day at work but a nice way to end it

This Wednesday I had a long and arduous day, my last meeting was at 5:30pm and lasted for about an hour.  By the end of the meeting I was mentally & physically exhausted.  There are a few places that refresh my mind & soul...the beach, a walk in nature, home in the garden...but there is one unique place that I really appreciate and love to decompress there (plus I can buy a few new goodies for the garden); The Garden Gate.  This little gem is my personal Idaho when "city life" gets the best of me, lol. I love to walk through the melange maze of plants, water features, garden ornaments/art and super cute garden gifts.  Every nook and cranny is filled with something wonderful to look at, smell and touch.  Melodic music fills the air and takes me away to another place.  By the time I have left there, I have had an attitude adjustment, I bought something for my garden and supported local business.  Ahhh, my decompression heaven!  I love it, thanks Donna!  If you don't already know about The Garden Gate, take a moment in your busy day to check it out.  It is located at the NE corner of the Citi Centre on Copans Road & Federal Highway.  :))
Fish & Frog
Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink ;)
Tillandsia Baskets, so whimsy!
Tickseed, a must have for every Florida garden
Love these weathered water urns!
Super cute ideas for a whimsical romantic garden
Guardian of the flora & fauna

Love the color and texture here :)
This Sweet Spire Salvia went home with me :)  In the foreground is a Dwarf Mussaenda, small shrub with very fragrant bright pale yellow flowers.  Does well in part sun.
Lotus water urn with lots of duck weed, hyacinth & bog plants.

Wishing everyone a lovely and peaceful weekend!

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