Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let's see what's blooming in the garden today

Opened up the house for the first day of sorta cool weather, but hey will take what we can get. LOL.  Today's little gems are showing their true colors, literally, lol.
Brassavola Nodosa, 'Lady of the Night', since
this beautiful species intoxicating fragrant is
only smelled at night. The flowers bloom in
groups only intensifying the already deep sweet
smell. The flowers can last up to 3 months. 
Brassavola Nodosa is a great beginner orchid for any of
you still hesitant to start your collection. This beauty was
given to me by a fellow FLOS member since she had so
many of them. That's how easy they are to grow. Find a
local grower & pick one up to get started.
Queen Emma Lily is a gorgeous purple leaved
type of Crinum Lily.  The plant gets very large
in diameter which is perfect to fill empty space
in your yard, lol, like any gardener has empty
space. ;)
The Queen Emma Lily flowers are very fragrant in a
light & gentle way but can fill the air with lovely
goodness on humid days here in Florida.  The Luna Moth just loves these flowers at night.  They almost look like tiny bats flying around the flowers in the evening. 
Does anyone know what this small shrub is?
Anyone, anyone? LOL.  It's called a
 Chinese Perfume Tree, Aglaia Ordorata. They
are hard to find so snatch one up if you find
one for sale.
I have our Chinese Perfume Tree in a  bold blue
ceramic pot on our front porch so our guests can enjoy the highly unusual scent as they visit. The scent is a very unusual lemony, perfumey light but sweet aroma. It's said only 30% of people can smell it. Can you?
A close up of the tiny yellow "perfumey" flowers.
These rare trees can get about 8-10ft high in
the ground.  If you find one in your travels I highly
recommend you buy it, I know you will love it.
To my surprise this handful of a Brassavola
orchid that I bought from Jamaica was blooming.  I have just moved this one into my Lignum Vitae two
weeks earlier. So glad it's happy!:)
Orange Plume flower or Brazilian Plume flower is
a fast aggressive growing shrub here in South
Florida.  So buyer beware if you have a small yard
like moi! Though they are a great plant to use as
a hedge or screen cover.  There is even a pink one too!
My little hot fuschia purslane just pops out in the sun. They are sun lovers & with stand the
high heat we have here that comes off all the concrete of suburbia. An amazingly resilient ground cover for your gardens since they love spreading out.
Cattelyea Green Emerald 'Ochid Queen'
The second set of blooms opened this morning
C. Green Emerald 'Orchid Queen' detail

What this no name beauty looks like today!
Still growing new spikes with new flowers,
WOW! Super hot tomato red!
Everyday it grows more & more, I guess its
making up for all those years not blooming
or growing. Go baby go! :)
The orchid is in the middle, see how tall it is in
comparison to the root system. I believe what did the
trick was more light. It really likes lots of bright light!
See how its curving outside of the shade house.
Hiding in the background of my wall of orchids in
the shade house is this Slc. India Rose Sherwood
'Kiilani'. Just blooming away like is was nobody's
business, lol. I bought this intensely sweet smelling
orchid at RF Orchids on an FLOS orchid ramble to
Homestead & the Redlands way down south.
Odom's orchids also has these beauties.
The root system on this unbelievable root bound
bound beauty lets you know how healthy & happy
happy an orchid is.  That is basically their life line
to essential water & nutrients to survive. Check out American Orchid Society for more orchid care.

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