Friday, September 30, 2011

Yeah to 98%, boooo to 50%

98% is my test score on my Broward County tree trimming exam I took on Monday for certification. YESSSS, I passed, officially a certified Broward County tree trimmer and can now apply for my Broward County Tree Trimming License (which is a'whole'nother ballpark to play in, wow).
Waahooooo!!!! :))p

Now.....50% is how many of my seeds actually sprouted. Whaaaa :(
The empty cups are the ones that didn't sprout.
Our vegetable garden is really taking off :)
Stowell's corn in the back left corner, Collard
Greens & tomatillos in the top right, Red romaine,
green romaine & Red Curly lettuce in front left,
purple peppers, cilantro & tarragon in lower right.
Marigolds as insect control throughout
the vegetable garden.

My little succulent group, ready to be planted in a
cool new planter for our new patio area.  Oh yeah
one of my yummy dragon fruits I picked this morning. 
My sole surviving 'Moon & Stars' Watermelon
Grow baby grow!!!
My sole surviving 'Black Krim' tomato
The more sun the tomatoes fruit get, the darker in
color they turn; almost like a "purple black".  They
are one of the most delicious tomatoes I have eaten!
Our little rabbiteye blueberry bush is doing quite
well.  Hoping for some delicious blueberries
this year, even if it's just a handful, lol.

This is a Butterfly Ginger, Hedychium coronarium,
hence the shape of the white flower.  It actually
smells like a gardenia flower, super sweet!
The leaves smell like spicy ginger when crushed.
The Butterfly Ginger flowers don't last very long so
enjoy them while you have them. The plant is a tuber which means they grow long hard roots (looks like
a carrot) which can easily be dug up & transplanted.
Great plant to mix into a tropical landscape!
A variety of newly transplanted orchids tied
to the Florida native Simpson Stopper tree. 
Vanda's & Dendrobiums attached to our Montgomery
Palms.  Mixed in with the orange plume flower,
a variety of heliconias & Bee Hive Ginger. 
Cattleya Green Emerald 'Orchid Queen'
Absolutely love this orchid! Smells divine!

There are two more unopened blooms
in the front right corner.
C. Green Emerald 'Orchid Queen', easy orchid to grow
with 3-4" flowers, super fragrant, gorgeous colors,
and thick waxy petals. A real show stopper!

This is how long the actually orchid is &
how small the root system it.  Here it is just starting
to grow the flower spike earlier this week.
My best friend bought this most unusual
orchid for my birthday six years ago at the
 Redlands International Orchid Festival. 
If you haven't been to the Redlands Int'
Orchid festival, it is a must go!!!  Yes, it is
drive but well worth it!  I have acquired alot of
my collection from that show!
Different angle of same orchid.  The tag has since
disappeared so if anyone knows what it is I would
love to know, lol.  It was in bloom when I brought
it home & never bloomed again until now.  In the picture above you will see that even the root system didn't grow. 

Hmmm, interesting......LOL :)


  1. I've answered my question by looking at your other posts. You definitely have lots of orchids! They're a bit more rare in northwest Indiana. Thanks for the photos! They're inspiring.

    1. LOL Jean you are a hoot! Yes, I ended up moving all of my orchids out of their pots into various trees and palms around the landscape. Boy what an undertaking that was. You can see them in my black ironwood tree in my post "Final Moving Day" back in Sept of 2012. Though I really should post an update on how they look now, thanks for reminding me lol. Can you have tropical plants in NW Indiana? Probably indoor plants? Hope you have a great week!

      Best wishes,