Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quintessential Summer

What's your idea of a quintessential summer?

Some of mine are...

the smell of cucumbers being cut up in the kitchen for salad

the sound of lawn mowers & the smell of freshly cut grass in the hot breeze

packing an impromptu picnic & heading to the beach

pool parties with friends & family

laying in a backyard hammock to let my thoughts go

summer camp

a freshly cracked open watermelon

the warm salty air on your face when out on the boat

some good old fashion BBQ

rolling thunder storms with wicked lightening in the afternoons

catching up on a good read

road trips to new exciting places

the smell of coconut scented suntan oil while the sand crunched between my toes

Whatever your plans are this summer I truly hope you enjoy every moment!  Life is too short not to enjoy it!
Best wishes,


  1. It's Winter here at the moment and you've just made me wish to were Summer. It's the best time of year.

    1. OH WOW, how wild! Here's to you...may Florida's tropical winds send you lots of warm summer wishes during your chilly winter moments! :)