Tuesday, June 19, 2012

- Insect of the week -

     Extra, extra...read all about it...never before seen bug at Burg house!  Some of my friends call me quirky but who else could get excited about a new insect literally right at my front door. Uh-hem....that would be meeee, hee hee!  My boyfriend & I returned home from watching the NBA playoffs at his brother's house and as we were walking up to the front door, he shouted, "watch out!"   Right there on the front porch was a.....I dunno...beetle of some kind with huge front pincers.  "WOW, oh my gosh...I have never seen one of those anywhere, especially right here in South Florida!"  I shouted right back..."hold on, watch it, make sure it doesn't go anywhere, I'm going to get the camera".   He, my boyfriend not the bug, gave me a quizzical look as I turned on my heel and sped off.   Dashing back with camera in hand, this is what I captured.
This unusual beetle was about 4 inches long
not including his antennae.  It was not happy that I
was snap/flash happy & was making a squeaking noise.
Believe when I say I am an insect lover & privately
boast that I know many species for a girl.  But this one
definitely has stumped me...anyone know what it is?
Could this be a new exotic species? 
Happy gardening & watch out for insects!
Best Wishes,

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