Monday, January 14, 2013

Butterfly Illustrations

I absolutely love the vintage, the retro and the unique things in life...ever since I was young those old school nature illustrations really stuck with me.  Some of them are so full of detail with lots of layers of color, so visually captivating.  Believe it or not some of those original pieces of artwork have become very valuable throughout the years.  Though many of us might not be able to afford an original we can enjoy lithographs and reprints of them.  There are even coffee table books filled to the brim with beautiful artwork.  All throughout college I have been known to spend hours in the library collecting (and when I say collecting I mean using a copy machine at 10 cents a copy, lol) images out of books to use in my artwork.  With so many memories of seeing just about everything at my Grandmother's house decoupaged in some form or another (yes even the bathtub), I guess I just had to get it out of my system.

Well here is a little tribute to those whimsically beautiful illustrations of yesteryear...enjoy!
Wishing you a most wonderful week!
Happy Gardening & many best wishes,

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