Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Belated New Year!

I just gotta laugh at many days have gone by from my last post (um, Thanksgiving).  The closer the holidays got, I kept thinking "boy, I really have to get back to the blogs".  Yet another day went by that things were "more important" or work came up or family was in town or a function to go to...yeah more excuses.  So I thought, New Year's, yeah that's when I'll really buckle down and get serious with my blog posts.  Hmmmm, I think today is the 10th of January sooooo yeah, that went really well, lol.  So I just gotta laugh at myself...LOL.

With that said, yes there will be new post's coming up and boy do I have a whole'lotta awesome stuff coming your way!  So stay tuned bopper's, the big alert has been called off and for those of you that had such a hard time getting home New Year's night...sorry'bout that...I guess the only thing I can do is send you a post. (reference 'The Warriors' movie, hee hee hee)  Happy Belated New Years Y'all!

Wishing you all a most wonderful 2013 with good health, prosperity and lots of good times!

Happy Gardening and many best wishes,


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