Saturday, May 17, 2014

Flowering Trees in South Florida

Ahhhh May, how we love this time of year...signaling spring has sprung here in So'Fla!  The weather is absolutely incredible today at 70 degrees F.  A very nice break from the mid 80's we have been experiencing.  Today is a perfect day for the beach or a picnic at your local park!  

Now is the time when many of So'Fla's plants are starting to get their grow'on while others are getting their flowerin'on.  Also, this is the time of year in many parts of the world flowering trees are bringing people from across the globe to see their beauty.  Atlanta just had their 78th Annual Dogwood Festival.  Beijing, China has their cherry blossom festivals throughout April into May, which are sure to impress any visitor.  As well as many of our northern neighboring states, like our nation's capital, Washington DC which celebrates the blooming of it's 3,000 cherry trees planted in 1912 as a gift of friendship from Japan.   

Here in So'Flo we don't have the cherry trees though we do have some pretty spectacular flowering trees that will be sure to stop you in your tracks!

So let's take a tour to see what's showing your their very best this time of year.  
Yellow tabebuia picture from Richard Lyons Nursery

Pink & yellow tabebuia picture from

Yellow & orange poinciana picture from

Apple blossom cassia picture from Terra Mirabilis blog
Rainbow cassia picture from Tree World
Rainbow cassia's actually change their colors as the flowers age.
I think this is a cassia marginata, Butterfly World has them in their parking lot.
A close up of the Butterfly World cassia's, cassia marginata?
Desert Cassia
Desert cassia picture from Plant Creations Nursery
Desert Cassia picture from Plant Creations

Jacaranda picture from UF/IFAS Okeechobee extension
Jacaranda picture from All Things Ruffnerian blog

African tulip tree picture from
African tulip tree picture from

Bulnesia picture from Plant Creations in Homestead, FL.
This gorgeous yet huge Bulnesia aka Verawood is in Deerfield Beach

Golden Shower Cassia picture from The Wild Papaya Nursery

Queen's Crepe Myrtle or Lagerstroemia speciosa
This incredible Queen's crepe myrtle is in Deerfield Beach.
Close up of the huge Queen's crepe myrtle flower, about 4-5 inches!
If you are considering planting a flowering tree in your landscape here are a few things to consider.   Flowering trees are usually considered a medium to large canopy tree, able to grow from 25-50 ft.

Flowering trees as beautiful as they are in bloom, the blooms have to go some where...yes, they drop to the ground, as you can see in some of the above pictures.  Plus most flowering trees are either deciduous or semi-deciduous, meaning they also drop their leaves 1-2 times a year.   So make sure where ever you plant the tree that you don't end up with flowers & leaves in your pool, on your cars and/or all over your patio.    Because we all have waaaay better things to do than pick up leaves & flowers on the weekend! ;)   

Lastly, you can figure that the root system of any tree is 2/3rd's larger than the width of the canopy.  So make sure where you plant the tree isn't going to pose any problems either with it's canopy and/or root system once it gets larger.

And with that my friends, get out there & enjoy your weekend...go on, get off the computer and get some sun on your face!
Happy Gardening & Many Best Wishes,


  1. Absolutely stunning summer beauties! Our skyscape is also filled with reds and yellows. I haven't seen the tabebuia's gorgeous!

  2. Hi Kanak, so wonderful to hear from you! Right!?! They are a sight to see in person as their flowers fall like rain and the ground is covered in color. But super messy trees. I bet India is filled with incredibly gorgeous flowering plants & trees. India has been on my "to do list" of travel destinations ever since I was a kid and am so looking forward to visiting one day to see the sights. Hope all is going well with you! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    Happy Gardening, Good Eats and Best Wishes,

  3. yes you are lucky to be able to gorw these mavelous tree there

    1. They definitely are a sight to see...just spectacular! Thanks Sharon!

      Best wishes,

  4. Beautiful! We have these trees too but never seen them bloom as prolific and have so much leaves.t

    1. Funny you say that Stephanie because a few of our friends have some of these trees on their property but never have them bloom like these either. They've tried everything, restricting water, more water, fertilizer, no fertilizer...hmmmm wonder why? I guess location really is the key ingredient lol.

      Best wishes,