Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mounts Botanical Gardens - Tropical Fruit Festival 2014

Well my friends, it's that time of year again...what!?!     Mango season you say???  

It's only on Saturday, June 28th from 10 am to 3 pm so be sure to put it on your calender!

Last year it was super hot, very humid & lots of sun!   So like with any outdoor event here in South Florida always come prepared.   Be sure to bring hat(s), sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, snacks, water & umbrella(s).    I also brought a hand fan & boy was I glad since their wasn't much of a breeze that day.  Also wear comfortable clothes that can breathe like shorts, t-shirts and 
walking shoes as there is lots to see! 

Their press release jargon goes a little something like this...
"Join us on a culinary journey around the world as we explore delicious tropical fruit.   Exciting activities in the Garden include cooking demonstrations, guided tours, tropical fruit display featuring over 100 tropical fruits, tropical fruit samples, plus fruit and fruit trees will be available for purchase.    Palm Beach County Extension Master Gardener Booth, Family and Consumer Sciences food displays, 
food trucks and live music by DYMiN."

Mounts Botanical Garden is located on the west side of the Palm Beach International Airport.

Let me know who is going so we can organize a "meet-up"!

Wishing everyone a great summer!
Happy Gardening & Best Wishes,


  1. Sounds like here, Sheri. We are experiencing really hot and dry weather these days. Last month, price of mangoes went all time low. There were abundance of mangoes at the fruit stall :P Happy summer to you!!

    1. YUMMO for mangoes I say...sooo delicious!!! All the mango trees in South Florida are just heavy & full of ripe ones so we have been very lucky to have a good season too. We have been getting alot of rain here lately so it's been really humid and muggy which makes for extra hot days, ugh, such bad hair frizz lol. Stay cool and enjoy your summer especially with a mango in hand!

      Best wishes,