Friday, February 26, 2016

Mistaken Identity...

This should be the title of a Nancy Drew book...The Case of the Mistaken Identity...
Turns out the collard greens are really cauliflower 'snow queen'
Luckily, I have a few recipe's waiting on the sidelines cauling (lmao) for cauliflower.   If you haven't seen it already, there is a new trend in using cauliflower as a vegetable option for rice.  Here is one for 'Light Shrimp Curry with Spinach Over Cauliflower Rice' from the lovely Jocelyn at Grandbaby Cakes blog that looks and sounds delicious!

The broccoli head starting to emerge.
Yeaaaa, the strawberries have survived so far!
Made my Mom's delicious New England Boiled Dinner that everyone love's!
This time I made it with heirloom purple/gold/red potatoes and
heirloom purple/orange/white carrots. I found it so pretty with all the colors, I just had to
take a picture to show you, lol.  It also has cabbage, leeks, onions, garlic,
parsley (my addition), celery and beef in a broth.  Serve with dijon mustard.
A few things on the "Things-To-Do" List:
Find a good type of netting to keep mocking birds from eating the sweet 100 tomatoes,
Plant the second round of vegetable seeds in garden,
make a rain barrel,
odd's and end's in the garden,
enjoy this weekend to make up for a crappy sick birthday weekend last week and
Watch the garden grow!

Hope everyone is doing well and be on the look out for the week's Weekend Awesomenesssss!!!
Happy Gardening and Best Wishes,

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