Sunday, February 14, 2016

How does your garden grow?

So, can I just say, whaaat tha' heck!?!  Our weather has been so kooky this fall to winter to spring.  This year's winter has been very wet, high wind gusts and constantly overcast.  Though it's not our norm, I do remember winter's like this when I was young.  Has this winter been unusual for you too?

Despite our weather disparity, I thought for sure my orchids would suffer severely and the vegetable garden would surely shrivel up and the leaves/flowers/fruit of our tropical fruit and citrus trees would just drop off.  Again, Mother Nature proved me wrong indeed.  

So here's whats growing in our garden now...
I need to get in there & relocate a few of the collards for some better growing space


The pak choi has started it's bolt already...the flowers are delicious in stir fry.

An larger shot of the vegetable can see the repurposed bed frame for the
sweet 100 tomatoes.


The strawberry tree isn't a strawberry at all, it's actually a tropical fruit, which doesn't even look like a strawberry, it looks more like a cranberry.  Super easy to grow either in a container or in the ground, grows to be around 20 ft high.  Very little pests or disease pose a problem and the small berries are delicious!  They taste like either caramel corn or kettle corn or cotton candy depending on the tree and ripeness.

Wishing y'all a most wonderful Sunday!
Happy Gardening and Best Wishes,


  1. Wow, you've a great winter garden and your strawberry tree is a new one on me. Never heard of it but it sounds yummy.

    Happy gardening in so. FL ~ FlowerLady

    1. Hi Lorraine and thank you very much my dear! When the tree is ripe with berries, I'd be glad to send you some since you are close by. They are such a delicious treat and I am told they are high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Have a heavenly Sunday!
      Best Wishes,