Friday, February 12, 2016

Weekend Awesomenesss....

Heeey y'all!  So in the spirit of getting your vegetable and herb garden going (yes of course cakes & sticky buns come from the garden lol, if I could grow them I totally would), this weekend's awesomenessss contains so much delicious awesomenesss!!!

Yummy spicy white bean chili with shredded chicken except minus the chicken for me lol

Truffle edamame ravioli ...uh ehllo super delicious goodness!

I totally want to make this unique bread but know I would mess it up.

Grandbaby Cakes sweet potato pound cake, oh my!

When I visit my family in Atlanta, here's some delicious places to eat under $10

Who wouldn't like homemade French bread!?!

And then this sticky bun recipe ever!

Amish sugar cookies!

Try this spicy Indian mango pickles in mango season this summer.

Gooey-Gooey cake...the name says it all, yum!

Celebrate the year of the monkey with this delicious vegetable wonton miso soup!

Some awesome Hawaiian tiki drinks to wash it all down.

Wishing you a most awesome weekend!

Happy Gardening and Best Wishes,


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