Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekend Awesomenesss!!! v.11

Weekend Awesomenesss!!! v.11

Let's get right in the thick of it shall we!

Would love one of Warren Keelan's photographs in my house...stunning!

Would love one of Adam Hall's paintings too while I'm wanting!

Such a sweet video...made me smile and cry!

Who knew tote bags were so not eco-friendly.

Save the red wolves and the land!

Just like the success of this animal's survival!

Such a great garden story...would love to be a kid growing up here!

Girl power...and surfing!

I didn't know this about gorilla's!

A very inspiring about endurance & determination!

One more positive direction to help the environment...thank you FDA!

How about microbeads FDA?  No more I say!

If you ever thought about working from's whose hiring!

Another amazing barn renovation!

This is pretty awesome technology!  When will SoFlo get some?

Hope you enjoyed another weekend of awesomenesss!!!

Happy Gardening and Best Wishes,

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