Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weekend Awesomenesss!!! v.12

Weekend Awesomenesss!!! v.12

Incredibly beautiful Ukrainian flower crowns!

Recipes to get ready for jerky season...wait, is there a season!?!

A very eye-opening and sober truth read!  Support Native American success!

Ok so if you don't you know!  Original KFC fried chicken recipe!

Only in Florida during mango season...geesh!

Ok so this freaked me out, juuuust a little!

To free a lobster!

25 habits for happiness!

I'm no scientist buuutttt....I sure think it's hot out there!

I absolutely love this idea...sent it to my sister for my super creative niece & nephew.

Whaaaattt tha...dangerous flat worms in Florida!?!

This orangutan is pretty amazing!

Who knew avocado's are in such demand!?! the animals, close the zoo's!

I totally want to check this out in Seattle when it's completed!

Hope you enjoyed this week's awesomenesss!!!

Happy Gardening and Best Wishes,

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